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Swimming Lessons for all ages and abilities...

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Looking for a high-quality swimming school in Lancaster/Morecambe? Look no further than Molly's Little Minnows! Our experienced teachers provide top-notch lessons that cater to all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned swimmer, we've got you covered. Come make a splash with us!

When my daughter started lessons at Molly's Little Minnows, she progressed quickly. She really enjoys her lessons each week, making friends whilst learning to swim. We wouldn't recommend anyone else for swimming lessons, they are the best!



We are an established swimming school based in Lancaster and Morecambe, having providing swimming lessons since 2014 to over 3000 children, toddlers and babies.

We have some of the best swimming teachers and lessons in the local area. With our 6 swimming teachers, offering lessons 5 days a week to ensure you have consistency and progression at Molly's Little Minnows.

MLM Hats


We are proud to offer a range of unique Molly's Little Minnows Merchandise, including hats, hoodies, towels, badges and much more.

We have worked hard to ensure the best quality and standards have gone into making our garments.

We have made some great partnerships over the years with different organisations. This is reflected in our unique online portal, swimming equipment, badges and merchandise.

  • 10% off your entire order

  • Free Postage & Packaging

Plus Aquaplane will donate to Molly's Little Minnows!


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By purchasing through our unique link, Splash About will donate resources to Molly's Little Minnows lessons!

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