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Community   Engagement


Active Lancashire


Nearly 50 + children from Heysham and Morecambe received free swimming lessons during the school holiday as part of an initiative developed by the charity Active Lancashire that utilises funding from Sport England.


We were so proud to be the ones to provide the lessons. More can be read about it here!

Working with local schools

The government has recognised the importance of teaching our young people swimming and water safety by including it in the National Curriculum.


We offer dedicated lessons to local primary and secondary schools across Lancaster and Morecambe. We have an opportunity to ensure every generation is taught basic water safety skills. If you would like to work together to make it happen, please get in contact.

Kid with Basketball

Local Partnerships


Sport plays such an important role in leading a happy and healthy life. And we think, it is important to give back to the community and support local grassroot organisations. 


This year we are pleased to sponsor Carnforth Rangers Girls Under 12 Football Team. We have also developed a partnership with a local charity to support young women and their wellbeing.

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