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We are proud to be a part of the STA’s Swim Star Swim School programme. At Molly's Little Minnows, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety, teaching and customer service.


Minnie Minnows

Swimming lessons for babies can be a great way to introduce them to water and help them develop essential water safety skills. At Molly's Little Minnows, we are experienced in working with infants and follow safety guidelines to ensure a positive and safe experience. Our swimming lessons for babies can help develop their motor skills, boost their confidence, and provide a fun bonding experience for both parents/caregivers and babies. 


Little Minnows

Our first stage Little Minnow swimming lessons are a great way to help young children learn a valuable life skill and become comfortable in the water. Our swimming instructors follow our early years swimming programme which is designed specifically for  children to ensure they have a fun and safe experience. We learn a lot through play to gain confidence in the water whilst establishing the foundations of basic swimming techniques; body position, breathing and confidence.


Mighty Minnows

Our more advanced Mighty Minnow swimming lessons are designed to improve our students technique and endurance while reinforcing water safety skills. We recognise the importance of providing experienced instructors, tailoring our lessons to the child's skill level and provide individualised attention in a group setting. Additionally, we incorporate fun games and challenges can help keep all children engaged and motivated during their lessons.

MLM Goggles.jpg

Mega Minnows

Our most advanced Mega Minnow swimming lessons are designed to enhance the skills of experienced swimmers. These lessons typically focus on refining technique and improving endurance. Advanced swimmers will also learn specialised strokes and advanced training strategies. All swimmers have a solid foundation in swimming before enrolling in our most advanced lessons. This final stage of swimming will intoduce swimmers into club swimming level.

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