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Inspiring young people to enjoy swimming

We are proud to create a safe space where our Minnows can learn, explore and have fun. With a focus on buoyancy, safety and learning to swim through fun exercises, we are able to help the littlest of learners enjoy their swimming lessons.

For our more advanced swimmers, we focus on technique and body position to enable our swimmers to swim efficiently and learn lots of new skills.

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Our Story

I was always passionate about swimming from a very young age. I learnt to swim when I was young and then joined Lancaster City Swimming Club. I swam each evening, and joined the Great Britain Water Polo Team.

At the age of 16 I became a lifeguard and swimming teacher. And that's where the Molly's Little Minnows story begins...

We started out as a small swimming school operating 1 day a week. With word of mouth reviews we slowly built up to operate over 7 days a week. We now have a fantastic team that offer bespoke lessons to children across Lancashire. Collectively, we have taught over 3000 children (I can still remember the first 9 week old babies who are now 8+ years old!)

We couldn't have done any of this without the support of the Molly's Little Minnow's Team and most importantly, our Minnows!

Meet The Team

Our Locations

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