Become a Mighty Minnow through our swimming school...

Everyone is welcome to our

swimming pool!

STA Skills Journey
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What do we offer?


Our teachers are hand picked to ensure we deliver the best we can, we have Regional Swimmers, an EX GB Water Polo player and Personal Trainers!

We also run our swimming lessons all year round!

- Baby lessons (9 weeks - 3yrs)

- Toddler lessons (2yr-4yr)

- Group lessons (3yr +)

- Private lessons 1:3

- Private lessons 1:2

- Private lessons 1:1

Have a look at some of our Minnows who have achieved their badges!

Molly's Little Minnows Merchandise:


Molly's Little Minnows has thought of things your Little Minnows

will love, need and use each week!

What do we have?

1. Molly's Little Minnows silicone swimming Hats (One Size)

2. Molly's Little Minnows Towels;

- Come in 30 different colours to chose from.

- Personalised with first or full name in Black or White.

3. Molly's Little Minnows Hoodies ;

- Come in 27 different colours to chose from.

- Personalised with first name on the back.

- Sizes; (1-2) (3-4) (5-6) (7-8) (9-11) (12-13)

4. Molly's Little Minnows Onesie;

- Come in various colours and sizes

5. Molly's Little Minnows Swimming Bags;

- Purple or blue available.




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